A Brief Update

I’m going to do my best to update you on my life the past 6 months in as brief a post as possible. Since I moved to Perth, Western Australia, I’ve had to get used to and reintroduced to a few things:

flushing toilets, public toilets, toilets with toilet paper, water you can drink straight from the tap, public water fountains, overly priced bottled water, ridiculously expensive Thai food (that doesn’t taste very good), ridiculously expensive food in general, keeping your shoes on when you enter into someone’s house, understanding everyone (mostly, I’m still getting used to the accent), public transportation that is set to a timetable (and sticks to it!), driving a manual car on the left side of the road, massages that cost $50 (which I cannot bring myself to pay for), haircuts that cost $50 (which I might have to force myself to pay for), Domino’s pizza, cheese, fresh milk and not UHT milk, expensive coffees (I’ve since gone back to instant, Thai style), expensive drinks in general, etc. 

You get the picture. It’s taken a bit of an adjustment to get back to the “first world.” Not as much as I would have thought, but I’m still getting used to being paid $38/hr washing dishes on a Sunday or paying $12 for a pint.

I’ll admit… part of the reason why I’ve found it so hard to update this blog is because I was constantly doing something new and it didn’t cost a whole lot to do it. All I’ve really been doing here is working and trying to save money (except for my 3-week trip to Thailand… I’m really All Thai’d Up! NOTE: See what I did there?). I don’t really feel like there’s a whole lot to update about. Perth is beautiful, but everything is so expensive. Mostly it’s because it’s just coming out of winter/raining a lot and you can only really do things that are indoors and you pay to do. That said, summer is just around the corner. So to the beach I’ll go! I’ll be sure to put some pictures up of the beaches here when I do. 

That’s all for now!


2 thoughts on “A Brief Update

  1. Wow, didn’t realize Aussie land was that expensive. But at least now you have first world amenities. So good to get your blog again.I’ve missed it. Glad you got to go back and spend time in Thailand again. I know you must have enjoyed that. Love you girl. Aunt Cheryl

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