From Australia back to Thailand

Well, I have to apologize first for not posting since I left Thailand. I’ve honestly been trying to just get used to western, first world life again. I’ve only just got a heater/air conditioning unit and cable TV for the first time in nearly two years! It’s taking a lot of adjustments, and I am missing Thailand incredibly.


I am going back to Thailand.


It’s only for three weeks, but that’s long enough to get my Thai fix…. I hope.

When I get back, I will give a full report on my time in Australia thus far, as well as my trip to Thailand. I’ll also have to rename my blog, so I’m currently brainstorming witty puns.

Sorry for the short post, but I’ve got bags to pack!!


4 thoughts on “From Australia back to Thailand

  1. Down Under from an Amrithaistrailian? LOL Hey, I’ve got a question for you. You know about Bobby’s girlfriend Yalin, how do you think the rest of the family will feel about her? He wanted to take her to the Christmas Eve party (assuming she is in country by then), but I’m a little concerned about how she might be received. Mainly because at this point, she is a Buddist. What do you think?

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