Khap Khun Na Kha, Thailand!

I’ve put off writing a new blog post because I’ve not really been able to think of anything to say. However, with a visa granted and a flight to Perth leaving in a few hours, I’m overwhelmed with memories of the past year and a half. I apologize for being a bit soppy or sentimental with this posting, but after so many adventures in Southeast Asia and South America, it’s hard to leave the place that started such an amazing journey. The people I have met, the places I have seen, the things I have learned and the person I have become have all made the past 18 months spent here in Thailand an unforgettable experience.

While my mischief in Thailand has come to an end, I have so much to look forward to in Australia and beyond. To commemorate the time I’ve spent in Thailand, I’ve tried my best to recreate the mental montage I have playing in my mind. I look forward to writing to you from down under!



2 thoughts on “Khap Khun Na Kha, Thailand!

  1. We’re looking forward to more adventures down under, but what will you call the blog? Must have a new name. Safe journey to the land of Auss. I know you will be having more wonderful adventures and at least you speak the language, well sort of. LOL Can’t wait to see what new mischief you get up to. Love you.

  2. Love the blog and the recap of your most exciting adventures in Asia. I loved this recap….you are the best at putting your time together. I noticed that not only is it about your travels, it’s more about the people who have crossed your path. Love and miss you. Can’t wait until you get “settled” in Perth and can keep us informed and updated on your life there (by Aus-mosis) :). See I am clever, too!!
    Mia & Granddad

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