Happy Anniversary, Thailand!

Well, I suppose I’ll post in honor of my one year anniversary (15th of September!) with Thailand. It’s been fun. It’s been real. It’s been real fun. Still chugging for another six or seven months, but I will savor every bit of it.

In honor of this relationship milestone with Thailand, I’d like to point out a few of the luxuries I have here that I don’t have at home (number 7 is something I will be glad to have again when I leave!). First, though, I think it’s only fitting to point out a major disadvantage of life abroad. I don’t have my family here. Fortunately, we Skype regularly! I’m so fortunate to have their support and encouragement throughout all of this!!

  1. I have a tendency to think massages here are expensive, but in reality, I can get an hour massage for $5. I’ll be making a conscious effort to indulge in this for the remainder of my time here.
  2. I can typically get all my washing done for about $5. That’s all my clothes washed, dried, folded and smelling fantastic. Worth it? Yes. Will definitely miss this as folding is not my cup of tea.
  3. I don’t need a license to drive. Why is this a luxury? Well, considering by the time I get back stateside my driver license will be expired, this is a short but sweet time of motorway freedom. Plus, when I go to Australia next year, I’m not sure they’ll let me drive a motorbike. And I’m not too keen on driving a car sitting on the opposite side.
  4. Food here is cheap. Especially Thai food. People back home buy a plate of pad thai for…. $8?? I can get it for $1. Sometimes less.
  5. I’m always tan. Not always summertime tan, but I’ve got a permanent tint here.
  6. There’s rarely a time when I feel the need to put on makeup. Not that I ever wore a lot of it anyway.
  7. I’ll be happy to drink tap water again. Not that I’ve not done it in moments of midnight desperation, but it’s not a regular thing.
  8. Finally, there’s always an adventure to be had! Motorbike trips into the mountains, sleeping in houseboats… endless options.

Things I won’t miss include but are not limited to the following: rain, mosquitos, old men with young Asian women.

At the airport Thailand bound! My hair was so short!

Right, I am due another post in the next week or so as my friends and I went to the lake the other weekend… Keep your eyes peeled but don’t hold me to it!

18 days until I leave for Peru.



3 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary, Thailand!

  1. I love you! Glad to know my only granddaughter is doing so well. I love reading these posts. It seems longer than a year, though. I am glad you are seeing so much of that part of the world. I was thinking you would be coming home soon! Make sure you stay safe, sweetpea!!! Grandad and I look forward to seeing you back home, safe and sound!!

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