Pai, Thailand

Well, as usual, it’s been a bit since my last update. Since I’m no longer a “newbie” to Thailand, there’s less and less new stuff to tell you. So, this is just turning into an update when something cool and/or interesting is happening in my life.

Last weekend, there was a Buddhist holiday, so we had a 4-day weekend. My friends Don, Becca, Cody, Leya and I decided we would make a visit to Pai. Pai is a mountain town north of Chiang Mai. We had two options for the trip: 1. Take a van, which promises carsickness and vomiting, or 2. Ride motorbikes. We decided to go with the latter choice. So off we went, driving… and driving… for four hours through the mountains. It was such a fun bike ride, but I can’t imagine riding a bus or van on those curvy roads!!

The weekend was quite relaxing. Pai does get it’s share of tourists, but it’s still a bit off the trail for most backpackers. We stayed at a nice place called Villa de Pai. Like most accommodation in Pai, it is a group of bungalows just off the river. We went on a couple mototreks while we were there, trying our hardest to get lost and off the beaten track. I’ve found that this is when you see the most beautiful scenery and get a true taste of culture. Here are some photos:

Just one of the many pups I made friends with on this trip!


My roadmates: Leya, Cody, Don and Becca


This captures Pai quite well.


We found puppies on the road!! It took forever to try to herd them into someone’s yard!


This man was very proud of his rice field… As he should be!


I’ve now got my own motorbike, however it’s a bit of a complicated arrangement… Nelson (my current motorbike) has had to go into the shop a few too many times for my liking. I’m trying to negotiate with the people I bought it from to get a better bike. We will see how that goes, considering we converse through written Thai. As in… I’ll have people at work write what I want to say in Thai, then I’ll take the paper to the shop, they’ll read it and respond in Thai, and then I get to go find someone who can translate for me…. I think you can see how I mean it’s a little complicated!

This weekend is a 3-day weekend in honor of the Queen’s birthday. No plans for travel as I’m saving up for my next big adventure: PERU! Yes, you read that correctly. In October, I’m going to Peru for two weeks to meet up with my friends Chief and Si. If you remember from my previous post, they’re globetrotting. I’m quite excited for this and today marks 8 weeks until I leave, aka 8 weeks until the end of the semester! It’s crazy how time drags and flies all at once.

Not sure when my next update will be… Until next time!!! xx


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