Vietnam Wrap-up

Well, I suppose it’s time to sit down and jot the rest of bits about my adventures in Vietnam!

Backing up a bit to give some info for a future post about Chiang Mai, I met some pretty cool kids while I was traveling in Hue. They were from England and we spent a couple days hanging out, riding bikes and they taught me the art and geometry behind pool. I was reunited with my love of potatoes through massive quantities of chips (french fries). Remember these fellas when I get to a post about Chiang Mai…..

Left to right: Joe, James (“Chief”) and Simon

Setting off to slide down the white sand dunes.

After leaving Hue, my friend Tim and I headed back south to Mui Ne. We roughed about 24 hours or so on a series of buses doped up on Valium before arriving. We met some pretty awesome people whilst staying there, and ended up staying a day longer than planned. That’s generally how things go when you’re traveling, though. Mui Ne was pretty cool, particularly the jeep tour five of us took around the city. In Mui Ne, there are white and red sand dunes which are absolutely magnificent. I found out pretty quickly that I wouldn’t want to be stuck in the desert… Specifically because sand is incredibly difficult to walk long distances through. When you arrive at the dunes, there are kids who try to rent out sheets of plastic to you so that you can slide down. Great concept, good business strategy, but I reckon they’d get some more business if they had a tow to the top of the dunes. That is probably the most aggravating, futile task. Your feet just sink in as you’re trying to hike up, you’re sweaty and all the sand is just sticking to your skin. I basically had pants made of sand, or really long sand socks.. however you would like to put it. Regardless, we finally made it to the top of this sand dune and slid down. It was great for a one time gig, but the initial marathon up put me off another go.

Now, I’m tired of writing… I’ll just post some photos with captions for you:

Tim, myself and Marie at the Cuchi Tunnels in Saigon. The Vietnamese dug these during the war to get around. There are 200km of them, and after crawling through 100m worth, I can vouch they were definitely built for Vietnamese sized persons.


Scuba Diving in Nha Trang. This marked the beginning of the end of my camera… Well, sort of. It decided it wants to turn on/off when it is in the mood. I look happy in this photo, but I’m not too happy the underwater bit broke my camera. Side note: Thailand bests Vietnam in the diving category.


This is what 85% of the buildings in Hoi An looked like. I believe they’re somewhat French influenced, but I loved the yellow everywhere. This guy had an interesting hobby… He sculpted roots and made them look like faces. Looking at photos, they seem quite creepy. Skills, though.


Vietnam wasn’t too kind to my rucksack. When you ride the buses, they throw your pack underneath… Along the way to your destination they’ll sometimes pick up people with strange styrofoam boxes. Sometimes these boxes have fish in them and leak out and drench your bag and it’s contents with fish juice. Hey it’s bound to happen at least once in your life. I had this happen twice, though! Seven bus journeys and two of them had to be followed with a good washing. Thanks, Nam.


In Hue, we rented bicycles and rode to the Citadel. We were exhausted from the heat, so we sat around and played interesting games.


There was a wedding photo shoot at the white sand dunes. It’s baffling to say that the colors in this photo were not edited in the slightest.


Also on the jeep tour in Mui Ne, we visited the “Fairy Streams.” Again, the colors in this photo weren’t edited at all. Absolutely vibrant.


I wasn’t intending to stay in Saigon another night before leaving Vietnam, but good thing I did! Ended up running into my good friend Colin, was extremely random. As you can see, the “bar stools” in Vietnam are quite small.


Overall, I liked Vietnam. Mostly for the people I traveled with and met. Alright, that’s all for now… I promise I’ll get a new post up sooner!! xx


3 thoughts on “Vietnam Wrap-up

  1. More adventures through the eyes of a great neice. Uncle Don says there is no way he would go to some of the places you have been. I love your adventuresome spirit. I can’t believe it’s only been a year since you graduated from college. Seems like a lifetime ago. I bet it does to you too. Stay safe, we love you.

  2. Great pictures, Honey! I hear they have great diving at Possum Kingdom Lake, as well! You might even see the occasional possum… if you’re lucky! :o)

  3. You are living it up!! The Vietnamese have been through a lot. God bless them all. I am so proud of you. You are getting the best education ever. Love & Blessings, Mia (Grandad says you are living his dream! :))

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