Good Morning, Vietnam!

I’d firstly like to apologize for not updating in, what I’m now realizing, about two weeks. I’m currently writing this post on my iPhone, so I’m not sure how long it will actually be!

When I last blogged, I was in Bali having an awesome time on Kuta Beach. After Bali, my friend Matthew and I went back to Singapore. He had to go back to work, and I had a few extra days to spend before heading off to my current destination, Vietnam.

For now, I’ll be brief about Vietnam, but rest assured, I’ll give you the full story once I’m back in Thailand and have a computer to sit at.

I flew into Saigon (aka Ho Chi Minh City) and met my friend Tim in the city. We spent a day sorting out our plans for where we want to go with the time we have, and have successfully taken the most awesome and least efficient path. We booked an open bus ticket to Hue, which is right (maybe just south of) where the Demilitarized Zone was during the Vietnam War. The open bus ticket allowed us to go from Saigon to Nha Trang to Hoi An and then Hue. We were able to spend as long as we wanted to in each city because of the open ticket. I’ve mentioned before that one of my favorite things about traveling is meeting people. The people I’ve met on this trip have dictated the amount of time we have spent in each city. The plan is to head back down south tomorrow. This is where the inefficient route comes about. My friend is also a teacher in Thailand, so we have both got to get back for work. Except, as you know, I’ve still got to find work. Best to apply in person in Thailand. Right, so, going to head back down south, living on buses to make the quickest route, and then make our way into Cambodia.

I really like Vietnam. Aside from a woman at the market force feeding us food we didn’t ask for and slapping us with a ridiculous bill, everything here has been quite nice. I’ll have to give you more details (and photos!) once I get back.

Speaking of photos… My camera decided to stop turning on. That’s not too convenient when you’re traveling. I’ll have to sort out something when I get back to Thailand I think. It’s funny… The necessities when you live abroad, especially in a third world country, are much different than when you are back home.

Ok, writing on my phone is a bit bothersome now. I’ll try to post again soon!! xx



2 thoughts on “Good Morning, Vietnam!

  1. Love all your adventures except being force fed and then given a bill for it. LOL But I doubt there’s much else you could have done, you’re on her turf. Hope you get your camara fixed, I love all the pictures. Eaten anything strange? I loved the Vietnamese place we use to go to in Haltome City. Too Highs. That wasn’t how it was spelled, but how it was pronounced. Great food. Stay safe and post again soon. Love you young lady.
    Aunt Cheryl

  2. I am sure some smart employer will see what a great asset you will be. You should write a book when you get home and ePublish it on Amazon. You have such interesting trips and you write so well about it…it’s so interesting. Grandad and I love to hear from you. Don’t wait so long to blog!! Love you and take care!!! Mia

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