Thus commences the beginning of a strain of boring, photo-less posts. Since I’m traveling without my laptop, I won’t be putting any photos into my posts. My apologies in advance.

Right now, I am sitting in the Kayun Hostel main room alternating between slouching and leaning backwards in order to regain some sort of function in my muscles before we go out this evening. I should probably mention I am in Bali. Yesterday, I went white water rafting. It was fantastic, I’ve got loads of pictures on my camera, but you’ll just have to wait for those. Sorry, for the tease. Foolishly, I scheduled to have a surfing lesson today. I’ve also got pictures of me attempting that venture. I do understand the concept of “board shorts” now that I’m nursing lovely surfer rashes on my legs. I picked up an ointment on my walk home from the beach. Like many things I pick up from the pharmacy, I’ve no idea what it actually is. I only know that it burns intensely when I put it on my legs. OUCH. Though, I’ll gladly take the surfer’s rash in lieu of the broken finger a fellow backpacker got only seconds after getting in the water to attempt the same.

I’m hoping to make it up to Ubud tomorrow for a tour. I think I’ve had enough active experiences for this trip, so I’ll quite enjoy a day of sightseeing. No physical exertion required.

Alright, yep, short and sweet. Once I get back settled, I’ll put pictures on my facebook. I’ve been told I need to update this, so here ’tis! Back to Singapore on Friday, and then Vietnam next Thursday (April 12th). Going to visit with my new friends before we head out for the evening.


3 thoughts on “ADVENTURE

  1. Where is Bali? We’ve tried to find it on a map but can’t. And what causes surfer rash? I would have thought you would be a natural at surfing. I know you’re an expert diver, seems like surfing would just follow on from diving. I’m not good in the water at all, never have been. I’m too afraid of drowning. Can’t wait to see pictures of your adventures. Keep safe, we love you.

    • Bali is an island in Indonesia. I don’t actually know if it’s called “surfer’s rash,” but I’ve got sores all over my legs from where I was laying on the board until a wave would come. Surfing is a lot harder than people think. It takes a lot of upper body strength (which I’ve not got much of…), so I’m extremely sore today! I’ll try my best to post pictures soon. Love you xx

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