Six months and going…

Today is March 15, which marks six months since I’ve begun my adventures in Thailand.

I’d like to say I will be using the return ticket I’ve got booked for March 31, because I know it would make my family happy. Unfortunately, that’s a wasted $500. Instead, I’ve decided to stay and look for a teaching job in Chiang Mai.

On the 29th of this month, I will leave to go to Singapore. My friend Matthew lives there and we’ve got a couple adventures planned during the two weeks I’ll be there. Then the 12th of April, I’ll fly to meet my friend Tim in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. We are going to backpack through southern Vietnam, Cambodia and make our way back into Thailand. It’s after this that I’ll make my way up to Chiang Mai, in northern Thailand, to find a job.

Thanks for all the support since I’ve been here!


4 thoughts on “Six months and going…

  1. You know I’m very concerned about you backpacking through Cambodia. You know Americans are not well thought of in that part of the world. I’m glad you will have someone with you, but I’m still worried. Please don’t take any chances and please stay safe. We love you and just want you to be safe and also have fun. I think the fun part is easy, it’s the safe part I’m concerned with. Please keep up the blog as much as possible so we know you are safe.
    Love you girl, Aunt Cheryl

    • No worries about Cambodia, Aunt Cheryl. They’re quite accustomed to having backpackers travel through. It’s safe with or without travel companions because you meet so many people along the way! I’ll do my best to keep up the blog, even if it’s just a small post to say where I am. There’s a Twitter feed to the right that might do a better job at that! Love you too!xx

  2. You will forget your native tongue and speak Thai before we know it!! I miss you and know that I support you in all you do. However, I will be glad when you get back to the USA! Hopefully, that will be sooner than later! I miss you! Granddad misses you and Sunni…we are all a little jealous. Guess we will have to come to see you. Saving my $$. I love you and let me hear of all your new adventures. Love, Mia

    • Kao jai nit noi! That means I understand a little. I’m working on learning the language, but it’s hard! The same word can mean two completely different things depending on the inflection of your voice. I’ll be home eventually, but for now I’m enjoying this. I’d love if you’d be able to come over at some time, start playing the lottery and see if you win! Love you!!!xx

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