Flower & Star Get Sick


I’ve neglected to tell you that my nickname at school is Leelawadee. Leelawadee is a type of flower. Devon’s nickname is Dao, which means star. So we are Flower and Star. Or as Devon likes to call me: Frower. I should also mention that our hippy Thai “mother” is the one who named us. She has also told the students, so sometimes I will be walking and hear “Leelawadee!” in addition to the reoccurring “Hello, Teacher!” I receive walking across campus.

Well, this past week felt like ages long, but I only ended up working three days… Monday I had off because of Constitution Day–which I already posted details about–and on Tuesday night and Wednesday I was awfully sick, so I stayed home in bed Wednesday.

My "porcelain prison"

I’ve nothing really to update you on, but I promised I would work on posting a new blog every week. I suppose I could tell you about my being sick, but that’s a repulsive story, quite honestly. In short, I had a fever of who-knows-what and saw my breakfast, lunch and dinner one too many times. I’m not sure what it is that I was sick with, only that Devon was sick with the same thing. We were both camped in our rooms, and I spent the majority of the time in my porcelain prison. I’m better now! Which is always a good sign. However, I’ve been keeping away from Thai foods, as I don’t think my stomach can handle heavy, greasy, salty foods for a bit.


nom nom nom

Because I was sick and didn’t want Thai food, I made some bomb chicken noodle soup. I would call it homemade, but proper chefs out there would deem it “semi-homemade.” Either way, it was delicious. It had chicken and noodles in it, of course, but I also put potatoes, carrots, onion, cauliflower and garlic in it. Three days worth of recovery meals and still counting. Best part: no MSG. Everything, and I mean everything, in Thailand contains some amount of MSG. I didn’t realize how big of a deal it was when Asian restaurants advertised “No MSG” at home. Apparently it’s not good for you, though. Devon has done a fair bit of research into it. Pretty sure everyone in Thailand is experiencing some adverse reaction to MSG, especially those of us who are new to Asia. Not much can be done, though. I just drink a lot of water and usually eat two meals at home. Also, on the food subject: I’m going to have an awesome tuna sandwich for lunch tomorrow.

This week, I’m having Christmas themed lessons in my classes. Quite excited about this, especially because it includes singing carols in class. Then, on Thursday, Devon and I have to help with a two hour Christmas presentation to our 2,500+ students. I’m not entirely sure what all is in store for that, yet… Still working on details. I do, though, know that I’m wearing a white skirt, red shirt and a Santa hat. How very festive of me. I’m also tutoring the niece of the guy downstairs who owns the massage paradise. She is preparing to take an entrance exam to get into a school in Bangkok. I took a look through the practice test that she is working from and immediately understood how it is that native Spanish speakers were able to test out of language courses so easily. Yea, but that’s what I’ll be doing Monday through Thursday evening this week.

Now, the important information. Next weekend, I’m going to be spending Christmas with friends in Sungnoen near Korat. I’m extra excited about this because I didn’t know if I would be able to get Saturday off to be able to go. So no, I won’t be home alone on Christmas. I’ll be having a jolly good time singing Christmas songs, exchanging White Elephant gifts and partying it up with my beloveds.

That’s all for now, folks.


2 thoughts on “Flower & Star Get Sick

  1. Wow, so sorry to hear you were so sick. I know MSG has a bad effect on your grandpa Bill, though I don’t seem to have any problem with it. But no, I don’t think it is very good for you. Even though it’s suppose to inhance the flavor of the food. If you shop at Tesco, you should be able to get some English foods there. And speaking of England, one of their “stars” goes to Bangkok all the time, it’s her favorite place. Also to Phuket. She’s a real character by the name of Carol McGiffin. Google her and you can see what she looks like. She’s over there right now I believe and she loves the markets in Bangkok.
    Glad you won’t be on your own for Christmas, but with all the friends you’ve made, I didn’t think you would be. Have fun and eat anything but Thai food. lol Hope you have a really good time, but I know your families are going to miss you being with them. Have fun doing the Christmas program. Sounds like fun. Have a Merry and safe Christmas, Flower.We love you.
    Aunt Cheryl

  2. Hello, Frower (aka Leelawadee/Lindsey/Lizard), Glad to know you are doing better. It’s hard to know you are so sick so far away. Anyway, your commode looks very clean now! 🙂 Really glad to know you will be among friends over Christmas. We sent your mother $$ to put in your account so you can go buy some bland food and maybe some items you desire. Pop sent $$, too and of course, Sunni. Love you bunches. Hope you have a Merry Christmas. I know one thing, this one will be among your most memorable. Can you believe 2012 is almost on us???? WOW!!!!

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