Kanchanaburi, Thailand


After leaving Pattaya, my friend Colin and I took a trip up to see Kanchanaburi. This city is best known for its death railway. The Bridge Over River Kwai movie was created based on the railway that POWs built during WWII between Kachanaburi and Burma. We were told that for every

slat of rail laid, one man died. Knowing this put things in perspective when walking across the bridge. From the bridge was an amazing view of the Kwai River. We also went to a war cemetery for all the POWs killed. It was a sobering walk through, as there were many who were my age and younger that died. There were no US soldiers, though, because they were all sent home to be buried.

Even though there is a movie created based on this city, the area itself is pretty low key. We did meet an eclectic bunch, though! Including a 60ish year old English author named Geoff who was staying at the same guesthouse.

Me: Geoff, what do you do?
Geoff: I’m an author.
Me: Really? What do you write?
Geoff: Oh, nothing you would read.
Me: What is it, like, science fiction?
Geoff: No, I write porn novels.

Geoff was quite an interesting man. He was also very helpful in giving Colin and I directions around town.

We also met a bunch of people at a local bar. At our table, we had two Americans, one Dutch, one Italian, three French and one Thai. It was a great mix of people. We sat chatting until the sun came up and went to get breakfast two nights in a row. As exhausted as I was, and as much as I’m trying to catch back up on sleep, it was such an amazing trip.

Our trip was cut a bit short because I received an email saying I had another job! So, Colin and I had to go to Bangkok where we met up with a bunch of my friends. I didn’t realize it had been so long since I had seen anyone from my program, but it had been over a month! It was good to catch up and visit.

Now, I am currently sitting in my new home for the next few months! It’s a really nice studio apartment, and the internet is really quick! As soon as I learn my address, I’ll post it here. Devon and I are the only white people here so we get a lot of stares! I start work on Monday teaching conversational English to

M3 and M6 (high school). We toured around the campus and walked back to the river behind the school yesterday. The water level in the river is incredibly high and my town floods everyday. The school is really relaxed, and everyone is so incredibly nice. The head of the English department, Ajarn Cho, really likes Crosby, Stills & Nash and Bob Dylan. Everyone has taken such good care of us. The first night we were here, we couldn’t find a place to stay, and a teacher who didn’t even know us offered up her room for us to sleep. Everyone has been buying us food, and last night I was invited to a homemade dinner by another English teacher. She made macaroni soup and it was delicious…. my first home-cooked meal in two months!

It’s really nice to have all my things back in one place and to not live out of a backpack. Even better that I have my computer and fast internet.  Thanksgiving is this week, and Devon and I are going to get a chopped chicken and do our best to make sides since we have to work and don’t have an oven. Then I think this weekend we are going to go to Bangkok and meet up with people for another Thanksgiving meal! I’ve already cracked out the Christmas music… I’m so ready!

Until next time!


2 thoughts on “Kanchanaburi, Thailand

  1. Lindsey, you are having a great experience. I think I say that every time I write, but you continue to have such interesting travels, and I continue to marvel!!

    Glad you are back in one place and teaching Engish. I continue to pray for your safety, but sounds like God continues to provide just the angels you need.

    Keep the faith and I love you lots!!


  2. Like Beverly I’m just amazed by the interesting things you do, places you go and people you meet. I can’t imagine walking across the Bridge Over the River Kwai !! I grew up on that movie. I do hope you are keeping your own records of these experiences. What a story for your children and grandchildren.
    I continue to pray for your safety and continued good health.
    I look forward to the next installment.
    Love you, be safe. God Bless.

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