Pattaya: Walking Street, Loi Krathong


So when I last left off, I was in Bangkok. I ended up only staying one night because my friend Joe (who is from Austin) had the hookup in Pattaya. I’m always up for meeting new people, and with the flooding situation, I’ve definitely been in need of saving money. So off I left the next day. Like I’ve been doing lately, I had no ticket–no plan really–and just went with the flow of things. I walked myself down to the public bus stop where I asked for directions to be written in Thai of how to get to the Mo Chit bus terminal. Then I took two buses costing in total about 30฿ and at the bus terminal got a ticket for the next bus Pattaya bound at 113฿.

After a 2-3 hour (I took a nap so I forget how long exactly) bus ride, I arrived in Pattaya. I found a map of the city, scoped out where I was going and began looking for a ride to take me there. I think at this point, I’ve proven to be a cheap-o, because I chose to walk five miles with my hiking backpack and small backpack, rather than pay 70฿ for a ten minute moto ride. But, I finally made it! Pattaya was a very interesting city, especially its main attraction, Walking Street. I don’t even know how to begin talking about Walking Street. First off, it’s raunchy as all get out. But, I can’t decide if the women are being exploited or if they’re really the clever ones by weaseling nasty old men out of thousands of baht. Either way, I wasn’t quite ready for this area. They did, however have a fantastic array of food carts and one night I tried a larvae. I don’t know that I’m too fond of eating bugs, but my friend Kate was devouring them so I thought I’d give it a whirl.

Pattaya also had a nice Tuesday/Friday market. This place was sprawled out and anything you needed you could get here. They also had a big variety of food carts–fried coconut, fried bananas, fried sweet potato balls… It’s like a miniature Thai Texas State Fair when it comes to the foods and I was in love! The market itself is located right in front of a wat (temple), which I found a bit odd, but I’m getting a bit hungry talking about the market now, so…. moving on!

I was in Pattaya for Loi Krathong, a Buddhist festival when they send lanterns into the sky and set small banana leaf boats into the water. The acts of doing each of these things is very symbolic. When you send off a float into the water you are setting free your sins, and to send up a lantern is to bring you good fortune. Joe, Colin and I sent up a lantern… Hopefully it brings us good fortune by way of employment over here.

Now onto my job situation. I received an update from my contact at Kasintorn Saint Peter School saying that the water out in front of the school is still chest high. I don’t quite know what to think of this, as we were told the start date of school would be the 21st. I’m feeling a bit uneasy with this news, as I didn’t intend on merely traveling about Thailand and had hopes of teaching English. I’m hoping my lantern from Loi Krathong makes all the water disappear. It’s a longshot considering the government has build barriers to keep water out of Bangkok, coincidentally keeping it in Bang Bua Thong. I met a man last night who works at a school in the same area. He said it’ll probably be the first of the year before we can start working. I hope that’s not the case….

I’m currently in Kanchanaburi, Thailand. I’ve been a bit distracted trying to sort out travel arrangements back to Bangkok, so I apologize that this post is lacking in description and length. I’ll try to update soon and let y’all know how this place is. So far, so good! 

I would love to have my computer and stop using internet cafes…… And also put pictures in my blog posts. All text no pictures makes Lindsey’s blog a dull read.



One thought on “Pattaya: Walking Street, Loi Krathong

  1. Lindsey, I don’t think your blog could ever be dull. You’re doing too many interesting things to be dull. Like eating bugs. LOL Did it taste like chicken? I can’t believe all the amazing things you are doing and people you are meeting. What are you doing for Thanksgiving? Hopefully not eating bugs. Maybe you can find a turkey leg at one of the food stalls. But no cornbread dressing I’ll bet. Keep safe, we love you.

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