Flooding in Thailand? Travel!

Hello, friends!

Sorry it’s been a bit since I last updated.

After full moon party, we went to another part of the island, Koh Phangan. This part of the island was much more secluded and pretty much isolated from the rest of Koh Phangan. The place we stayed, called Mai Pen Rai, was gorgeous! We had an awesome bungalow and an amazing view of the stars at night. I would post pictures, but I’m updating from my phone since Internet isn’t free here. I have lots of pictures on my Facebook, though!

Following our island experience of Koh Phangan, me and a couple friends decided to go to Koh Tao, or Turtle Island. This was the clearest water I have seen since being in Thailand this round. My friend Alycia and I decided to go diving with a company called Big Blue. If you are in Koh Tao and looking for a place to dive through, I highly recommend this company. I paid 3,500 baht (about $115) to go on a full day trip that included all my gear rental, breakfast, snack and lunch, three dives and an overall awesome experience and chance to meet new people.

On Wednesday night, I boarded a night ferry to go to Bangkok. This was my first trip alone this whole time and it went very well! I met a lot of new people and a couple of English folks on the bus that I have been hanging out in Bangkok. It’s really nice to meet all these new people! Expat life is an amazing mix of origins, cultures and personalities.

Today, I have decided to go to Laos. My school is underwater, and it’s expected that Bangkok is going to be flooded tomorrow or the next day, so I’ve decided to escape it before it comes. I bought a hiking backpack at the market today and a bus ticket for tonight’s trip to Laos. If you are wanting to travel somewhere by bus or train, I recommend going directly to the station ahead of time and purchasing it, rather than going to a travel agency. The travel agency said that it would be 1,500 baht, but I went to the bus station and it is only 600 baht for a VIP ticket! So sorting it out on your own is the way to go!

That’s all for now! I just got on an awesome bus headed for Laos. I’ll update with more adventures hopefully fairly soon!


One thought on “Flooding in Thailand? Travel!

  1. Oh do be careful on your own. I know, I sound like an old granny, but there aren’t many girls in this family and we can’t afford to lose any. LOL Seriously, be careful on your own. I know you are having a great time, but it is still a dangerous place for a beautiful young American lady to be on your own. Always praying for your safety.

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