Full Moon

Well, here I sit…. Listening to the sound of waves and windchimes in the restaurant of my almost-has-been bungalow here on Koh Phangan. In my last post, I mentioned that we were off to Koh Samui for a nights stay before heading here for the Full Moon Party. Koh Samui was nice, but I can’t say I was able to see much of it. We were there a grand total of 24 hours, and there was zero night-life for me since I passed out around 8:30. The entire day we spent traveling, and with my motion-sickeness, I was doped up on Dramamine. I took the “Less Drowsy” kind, and can’t imagine what life would have been like had I taken the original. But that’s enough about my medicated self.

After 24 hours in Koh Samui, we boarded a ferry for Koh Phangan. This island is definitely known for the parties, not the beautiful beaches. You have to wade a good football field’s length out before you are more than knee deep in seaweed sludge, and the sand is crushed shells so it’s quite uncomfortable to walk on. Definitely not the best beach I’ve been on. Hopefully that is just this side of the island, since we have plans to stay on the other side of the island the next couple days.

Speaking of beaches. I’m beached out. I know I’m going to regret saying that, but I’m just tired of sitting around! I want to hike, ride bikes, kayak… something. So that’s what’s in store on the other side of the island.

The night we arrived in Koh Phangan, I decided to eat macaroni and cheese. I didn’t know that was a risky decision, but I guess when you can’t find macaroni and cheese for over a month and it suddenly appears on a menu, you should be more wary than excited. Now, I’ve never had food poisoning, but there is no way this wasn’t it. I was sick as a dog. Not barfing or anything, but definitely wanting to. That said, I’ve had a dulled-down life the past few days, trying to recover. And I think I’m good, now!


On to the Full Moon Party. If you’re into raging, drug infested, over-crowded, stinky, sweaty zombie parties that last until beyond sunrise… this is for you. If you know me at all, you know I’m not into any of these things, so this was far from my deal. I had more fun getting ready for the party than the actual party itself. My friend Alycia put my hair into a mohawk, and I painted a half-sleeve on my arm in glow-paint. I also had glow-paint in my hair which turns out may not have been a good decision. It’s 35+ hours later and I’m still trying to get it out. I might shave my head. No, I’m kidding, it’s not that bad. But, I wouldn’t mind shaving my head right now… The hair situation is getting pretty awkward. Anyway, I had a lot of fun getting all fluorescent for the party, the party itself was not my favorite thing, though. If you’re into those things I described above, you’d probably like it. They have big buckets full of alcohol drinks that you can buy there for cheap, and I bought one for the novelty of it. I didn’t like it, so I carried the bucket around and let my friends drink out of it. And I got some really good pizza. So I guess those were my highlights in the lowlight of Full Moon.

Well, I’m going to order something for breakfast and figure out where I’m going to go today. Thanks for reading! Hopefully I have some adventuresome stories to update with here soon!


SIDENOTE: If you’re hearing about flooding here, it’s happening up north. Bangkok is expected to get some residual flood water this weekend. It’s pretty bad up in northern Thailand, a lot of my friends’ schools are underwater. I’m hoping the flooding stops soon, it’s causing some pretty bad devastation. BUT, keep in mind, if it’s dangerous for me to go to my school, the organization I’m working through won’t let me go.


2 thoughts on “Full Moon

  1. Sounds like you are having a lot of experiences, some good, some bad. But that’s how you learn what to stay away from, like Thai mac and cheese. Now who would think that would make you sick. Old cheese maybe? Glad you are feeling better.
    Glad to hear you are not near the flooding. I know it can get really bad. And glad that the organization won’t let you be in danger. That’s good to know. I’m loving your blog and seeing Thailand through your eyes.

  2. Lindsey, your blog is just incredible…sounds so exotic (well…I guess it is, after all you are in a different part of the world!). You are such a sensible girl. You must have gotten that from me 🙂 . I love the mohawk idea! Bet you were cute. You will have stories to last a lifetime!

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