A Poor Photographer, Coloring, Thai Massages and Beautiful Beach Time.

I really thought I was better about taking pictures, but I’ve discovered that I’m forgetful when it comes to capturing really beautiful things or fun moments. This is something I am going to work on, so hang in there and I’ll be sure to post some pictures!

Training has gotten a lot less stressful since the first two days. We are no longer learning the Thai language, but learning how to teach English. I’m actually really enjoying it and looking forward to teaching! I still have yet to receive my placement, but I’m hopeful it will come in the next week. I think that working summer camps and after-schools programs has prepared me for crazy kids, but I really think that the most useful experience is, honestly, my underwater teaching experience with scuba. It sounds silly, but so much of teaching English to beginner students seems to require a lot of visual communication, and they’ve also stressed the importance of body language when you are instructing or asking kids questions.

My favorite part of the training is when I get to draw and color, though. I hope I teach like, 3rd or 4th grade level so I can draw and color all the time!

Carinne and I got a Thai massage yesterday. It was quite an active experience because they contort your body is strange ways to crack all your bones… I am a bit sore today. BUT! In a couple days I am going to go to get a more relaxing massage….

After class gets out, we usually go to the beach. Yesterday it was a bit cloudy, but it could be pouring rain here and it’s still gorgeous. Today I think I’ll skip out on the giant wave pool and read on the beach.

Thanks for reading! Keep in touch 🙂


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