Jet Lag Continues, Fish Pedicure, Training Day One


It’s very difficult to get used to a 12 hour time change. I have been depriving myself of naps just so I can try to get on Thai time, but I’m exhausted by about 3:30 every afternoon! The weekend was much easier than today, because we could just relax, go to the beach or wander around Big C, but now that training has started and we have class from 9-4:30 every day, I’m beyond tired. But, I will talk about training a little later….

Last night, Carinne and I got fish pedicures! The way they work is you put your feet in a tank filled and all these little minnow-sized fish swim up and attach themselves to your feet! It is something that definitely takes a while to get used to… At the place we went, you put your feet in the fish tank for 20 minutes and then they gave you a 10 minute foot massage. The first 15 minutes of my fish experience were spent squealing and pulling my feet out of the water. Carinne did MUCH better than I did. But after a while, I was able to get used to it. My feet feel smoother, though! And I would probably do it again, now that I know what to expect.

Today was our first day of training. It was also the first day that everyone in the program was in the same room. There are 38 of us–36 from all over the USA, one from England and one from Ireland. I thought there might have been more of a variety when it came to the origins of people in the class, but apparently, with the program this year, Americans are the majority. Training is three weeks long, the first two weeks spent learning about Thai culture and how to teach, and the third week spent practicing at a nearby school. In class today, we experienced how the children we will be teaching will feel. Our Thai culture instructor spoke only Thai initially, and it was very overwhelming. The Thai alphabet is nothing like ours. There are about 30 vowels alone, and five different pitch changes to say things. It’s quite impossible for me to read Thai, and nearly so to read it phonetically. But, I’m sure as the days go on, the language will become a little easier for me to understand.

We also learned about the different levels of bowing to superiors and equals. This part of today’s lesson was much easier to understand, because our instructor spoke English, but also taught through video and demonstrations. The only difficult thing I foresee is if someone is either sitting in a chair or on the ground. If you walk past a superior who is sitting in a chair, you have to bend your legs really far down (almost a squat) when you are walking past them. And, if a superior is sitting or laying on the floor, you have to walk on your knees! I don’t think my knees will be too happy about this, so I might just re-route my paths if I see another teach sitting, haha. It’s very different from anything I’ve ever done, but I already am very interested in this culture. I hope I can just remember all of it!

Tonight, the organization is having dinner for us. I am glad they are providing us with dinner, but at this point I just want to sleep. And it has been raining all day, so that makes me want to sleep even more! But, I guess I’ll suck it up and go eat some Thai food. Life is terrible when you live on the beach 🙂

Thanks for reading!


One thought on “Jet Lag Continues, Fish Pedicure, Training Day One

  1. Lindsey, it sounds like you are beginning to settle in. The jet lag will pass in a few days. I’m interested where the Irish person is from. Male or female?
    I’ve seen the fish pedicure on tv, but not sure if I could handle it.
    I’m really enjoying the daily journal. I’m interested to see how you adjust to the culture, but I’m sure you’ll be fine.

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